The Best Man

Best Man

For the best man, what he has to do at a Bucks Party is often the top question, so he wants to ask someone who knows. The first bit to remember is that you need to plan the party as far as in advance as possible. Making a last minute reservation at a strip club and carpooling is not a good way to go. All your mates will remember is that some of them were designated drivers and there wasn’t enough room for everyone to sit together in the crowded strip club. If you are going to plan it, you need to do it right.

Best Man Ideas

Talk with the groom first. It is his party. With a best man, what he has to do at a Bucks Party begins with the groom. It is a good idea to sit down with a pint and just chat. What does he want to do? What ideas would he like? What things would he not be comfortable handling? Is there anything with which his fiancée might have trouble? Those are all valid things one which to think. Once you get an idea of the do’s and the do not’s then it is all up to you. You can add and subtract from the groom’s wish list. A surprise thrown in will make it memorable. If you have attended other bucks parties, what worked and what did not.

For the best man, what he has to do at a Bucks Party continues with planning. Once you have the idea for the party, you have to plan it. And don’t think planning is something to put off. If you want to book a private room at a busy strip club on a weekend, you need to do it weeks in advance. If you need food catered for 20 people, you need to find a good catering company. If you need to find transportation, you need to find a driver or company to handle all the people in the party.

As the best man, what he has to do at a Bucks Party continue with the party itself. The best man is the host of the party. That means he makes sure all of the guests are having a great time. He deals with paying all the bills. He deals with any glitches in transportation. He makes sure the drinks keep coming and that the entertainment is happy as well. Once the party ends, the host makes sure everyone gets home safe. And everyone, including the best man, must keep the secrets of the Bucks Party a secret.