Bucks Party Weekend Ideas

Bucks Party Weekend Ideas

Sometimes one night of partying is just not enough. If this sounds like your group of friends then a Bucks party weekend may be up your alley. A buck’s party weekend typically consists of several days and nights of activities which ensure the groom gets a proper sending off. Although a little more expensive than a simple evening out on the town, a buck’s weekend offers more opportunities to bond and create memories with each other. The challenge will be in filling the weekend with enough activities to keep the fun going. Here are a few Bucks party weekend ideas.

For Great Bucks Party Weekend Ideas

Camping is one of the popular Bucks party weekend ideas for people who enjoy being outdoors. It’s the group of you against the outdoors which can certainly make the weekend interesting. The weekend can include hiking, fishing, 4x4ing, kayaking, and any number of complimentary activities that will keep you busy during the day. At night, you can play drinking games, tell ghost stories, or reminisce about the past. Just be certain to take the necessary safety precautions to ensure that everyone makes it back in good health. The last thing you want is for the groom to suffer an insect bite that makes him too ill to attend his own wedding.

Spending the weekend at a beach house is also one of the good Bucks party weekend ideas. Sun, sand, and surf is all you need to have a great time at this outdoor venue. In addition to playing beach games like volleyball, you can also participate in a number of water sports including jet skiing, snorkelling, parasailing, and kite surfing. Since you’ll be in a beach house you can spend the nights BBQ with your beach neighbours, hanging out with each other, or finding things to do in town. You will all be refreshed and ready for the wedding when you get back into town.

If you are all feeling particularly adventurous, you can do more hardcore activities like rock climbing or skydiving. Generally, though, you will all need to prepare in advance by taking classes for these activities. However, this will certainly be a memorable way to spend your last weekend as bachelor buddies. Other Bucks weekend party ideas include hunting, going deep sea fishing, 4 wheel driving, shooting, and white water rafting. Or you can go the traditional route and spend the weekend club hopping at night and recuperating during the day.