Bucks Party Gags

Bucks Party Gags

The majority of Bucks parties feature a few common elements. Drinking, strippers, rowdy guys sending off their mate in style, and a few good Bucks party gags. No Bucks party would really be complete without at least one harmless joke at the buck’s expense. While these certainly shouldn’t be anything that will get him into trouble or ruin the party for him, having a few minutes of fun with your mate can help to liven up the party and bring on more than a few chuckles. Of course, these don’t all have to be played on the buck. Any party guest is fair game!

For Great Bucks Party Gags Ideas

“The Water Maze” is a good gag to pull out if someone passes out a bit earlier than they should. If you have plenty of cups, fill them with water and surround their sleeping body with the cups. When they wake up, they’ll either have to spill water or drink like a fish to get out of the room. Another of the various Bucks party gags that use water is the “Phony Shot”. Wait until someone is fairly buzzed and break out a liquor bottle filled with water. Tell them it’s very strong and that they’ll need to use a chaser with it in order to be able to handle it. The odds are that they’ll not only fall for it, but start acting more drunk as they pound back these fake shots.

If the buck manages to get really drunk and passes out, use a high quality temporary tattoo and apply it to him in a conspicuous spot. Place it on his arm, hand, chest, or even his face. Once he sees it, convincing him that he forced you to take him to a tattoo parlour will be an easy matter. If you’re off for a weekend, one of the best Bucks party gags is to sneak a naked blow up doll or a willing female guest into his bed and handcuff him to her. Either swear that he swallowed the key or set out some strange stipulations he must fulfil before he can earn it back.

One of the funniest of all the Bucks party gags, but one that can only be played on a buck with a very good sense of humour, is to hire a transvestite stripper. The groom to be will start off enamoured but quickly become shocked by what he sees. These are just a few of the gags you can use on your mates. Your imagination will likely conjure up many more.