Bucks Party Dares And Pranks

Bucks Party Dares And Pranks

The tradition of Bucks party dares and pranks are probably as old as the tradition of having a Bucks party to celebrate the groom’s last few nights of freedom. You can think of them as being the cherry on top of a well made sundae. When planning your pranks and dares you want to make sure that you do something that is memorable but that does not compromise the safety of the groom or cause problems between the bride and groom down the road. This will ensure that everyone who remembers the Bucks party will have fond memories of it.

For Great Bucks Party Dares And Pranks

One of the common Bucks party dares and pranks that are played on many Bucks is to paint their faces when they pass out from drinking too much. This is actually common among people who just party together regardless if they are having a buck’s party or not. The idea is that when the person falls asleep that you take cosmetics and paint their face. You could even go all out and add a wig and put them in a dress. When you are done, you would take a picture and post it some place for them to find. This is good for a laugh when they wake up in the morning.

Other time honoured Bucks party dares and pranks involve hiring a surprise stripper. This is particularly surprising if the person is not expecting a naked woman to appear out of nowhere. For example, you could go to a nice restaurant for dinner and then have a fake waitress give him a lap dance. You want to make sure you get a private room for this to avoid offending other guests. Another tried and true prank is to hire a male stripper and have them show up at the residence where the Bucks party is being held.

A good prank involves a popular outdoor activity: paintballing. Even though you tell the groom that you are splitting up into teams and hunting each other, everyone in the group instead will hunt the groom and see how many times they can tag him before he gives up. Possibly one of the best Bucks party dares and pranks is the groom snatch. A group of you rent a van and then kidnap the groom as he is going about his day. You could even set up a lunch appointment with one of the friends just to make sure he is available for the time you want to pull the stunt.