Bucks Party Venues


Where a buck party is held will oftentimes influence the outcome of the party. You want to have the party someplace that allows for lifetime memories to be made and where everyone will be comfortable letting loose. There are tons of Bucks party venues to choose from which, conversely, can make it a challenge to narrow down your options. The main thing to consider when picking a venue for the party is to find a place that matches the personality and needs of the groom. You don’t want to take a groom who is uptight or devoutly religious to a strip club. Likewise, an adventurous groom may find tame venues boring. Here are a few ideas for where to hold your party.

For Great Bucks Bucks Party Ideas

Gambling Parlours – This is a popular place for Bucks to spend their last night as single men. Typically the parlours are centred on one or two games such as poker. You can spend the night matching wits with the other guests in the club while being served by waitresses dressed in lingerie or who are topless. Grooms who are identified generally receive special treatment. An additional benefit of these types of Bucks party venues is that they often have themed packages where your waitresses are dressed according to a specific theme. There are also usually dance shows going on for men who want to take a break from gambling.

Themed Cruises – This is one of the more unique Bucks party venues. You and the rest of your party can experience the highlife for a day and/or night as you party onboard a boat. Many of these boat venues offer a full buffet as well as poker tables and erotic waitresses. You are basically getting everything offered at a night club except you get to party while you cruise the seas. Although it is a little more expensive than simply going to a club, it will definitely be a memorable experience.

Medieval Restaurant – At one point or another many boys wished they were kings and knights. Now you can be transported to that fantasy realm by taking your party to a medieval restaurant. Enjoy interacting with costumed waitresses who bring you manly servings of meat and bread while watching knights pummel each other on the showroom floor. If you are looking for truly one of a kind Bucks party venues then this is it. Just be sure to book well in advance as these places typically sell out fast.