Bucks Day Ideas

Bucks Day Ideas

Some grooms these days just aren’t into the traditional booze and women scene for their Bucks Party, so here is a resource of Bucks Day ideas to get you started if you are planning a Bucks Party for such a fellow. Start by considering some of the more aquatic activities. You can plan a white-water rafting trip, rent a speed boat, charter a fishing boat to spend a day relaxing with fishing, or even a booze cruise if your mate is into drinking but doesn’t want to make his bride to be uncomfortable with the idea of half or less dressed women around.

For Great Bucks Day Ideas

A fun trip for many mates is to go on a road trip to a favourite destination of the groom to be. This is great if you have a weekend to do it. You could plan a trip to go to one of his favourite places. One such place for many is an amusement park. What about your old days at university? Perhaps a trip back to the university where many of you may have met to frequent the old hot spots would be fun. You could also put together a safari or camping trip of some sort. Just keep your mate’s best interests in mind.

Sports are always some of the best Bucks day ideas. You could start out by forming up a tournament between all of your best mate’s friends if the lot is generally interested in some sports. It would be a good idea to pick your friend’s favourite sport if possible. You could participate in golf for a day, or even buy tickets to a hot sports event in your area. Choose sports that everyone can enjoy, something mainstream like rugby. Focus on what everyone likes and you’ll be the superstar party planner.

Finally, there are a few other Bucks day ideas that can be greatly beneficial to your party if these ideas don’t suit. There’s always paintball, which can be a lot of fun for everyone. You could also go totally crazy and book an expedition like skydiving! Whatever you decide, make sure it’s not too intimidating to the groom to be and is safe, well planned, and memorable. Whether you decide to use water sports, land sports, extreme sports, or even a relaxing day of some other hobby, do it big or go home! Your mate deserves the best, and you are surely going to plan it for him.