Stag Night And Party Ideas

Stag Night And Party Ideas

If the wedding is for the woman then the bucks night is definitely for the man. While many men are excited to get married, most of them are just as ready to celebrate their last few nights as a bachelor. One of the most popular Stag night and party ideas is to visit the strip clubs. A great way to do this is to rent a party bus that will drive you around to the different clubs in the area. This way you can tour the strips clubs and drink without worry about getting lost or driving under the influence of alcohol.

For Great Stag Night Ideas

You can also bring the strippers to you. Another of the popular Stag night and party ideas is to hire a stripper to perform at a party held in the home. This is great for partiers who would rather avoid the noise and bright lights of a club and party at home. You could hire a stripper as the main entertainment attraction or you could hire topless waitresses to help serve cocktails to your guests. Another option that many companies offer is Jelly wrestling. This is where two women wrestle in a pool full of non-toxic jelly. You can hire women from the company to wrestle or just get the pool full of jelly and encourage your friends to try it out.

If you love water then you can take the party out to sea. There are a number of companies that offer several types of adult cruises which will make the groom’s last night as a single man interesting to say the least. Some Stag night and party ideas that take place on the water are a gambling cruise and a dinner cruise. The gambling cruise is basically a floating casino where you get to try your luck increasing your fortune. Dinner cruises can feature topless waitresses and strippers as the entertainment.

Other Stag night and party ideas include having an adult movie party at home. This is where you screen adult movies all night. You can pair this with other ideas such as beer or wine tasting or billiards. Another option is to have the party in a special place such as a cabin or campsite. There are tons of things you can do to help a groom have fun his last few nights as a bachelor. As long as you plan ahead and take his wants and needs into consideration then the party should be a blast.